Indies on Nook, Kobo and Apple

Kobo_AuraA resource for people who don’t own Kindles.

If you read about a book here, you can buy it on B&N, Kobo, Apple’s i-Tunes Bookstore, or Smashwords. The books are often available in paperback as well.





Why I started this site:

I enjoy the originality of indie authors. They break genre conventions or have a fresh take on the old rules.

I like to buy books I can read on my Nook directly from Barnes and Noble. No Kindle apps, no file conversion.

As an indie author myself, I’ve found it simple and also rewarding to publish to all platforms, so I want to encourage more authors to do it.

Initially, I had plans for this site to become an extensive resource for indie book shoppers, but I haven’t had time to manage such a project after all.  Instead, I’ve decided to focus for now on reviewing indies who publish everywhere, letting readers know about sales and new releases, and posting occasional reflections on reading and writing.

 Thanks for visiting. Happy reading.


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