Indie Books at Big Discounts: The Smashwords Sale

Here’s a bargain-priced way to discover new authors: the Smashwords 2022 End of Year Sale. You’ll find substantial discounts on thousands of titles throughout December. Go to Search by author name or explore by genre. The Smashwords store is the largest indie bookstore on the internet. Have fun shopping!

(And yes, my books are there—at 50% off, thanks to Draft2Digital teaming up with Smashwords.)

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March #Sales E-book #Bargains in Mystery, Suspense and Thriller

The following books are bargains right now. Everywhere, not just Amazon. Book title links go to Goodreads for more about the books. Sales links take you Barnes and Noble, Kobo, the iTunes bookstore, and/or Smashwords. Review links go to my reviews on this site. (I didn’t review my own book, of course, so there isn’t one for The Calling. See Goodreads for reviews.)

A-Blind-Eye-Web-MediumMystery mixes with political intrigue for an American in Poland

A Blind Eye by Jane Gorman


Sale dates: through end of March

Sale price: 99 cents





KJTS_Vol1_2500 copyIntense Thrillers

Kate Jones Thrillers Series, Vol. 1 boxed set of the first four novellas by DV Berkom

sale dates: through the end of March

sale price: 99 cents

review of a Kate Jones short (second half of review)






callingebooknewInnovative twist on the mystery genre: no murder and a touch of the mystical

The Calling by Amber Foxx

Sale dates: through March 26th

Sale price: 99 cents





FUNDAMENTALERROR 2Suspense with an unforgettable protagonist, introduction to the Amsterdam Assassin Series

Fundamental Error by Martyn V. Halm

Free everywhere all the time






Everywhere Bargains

Here are a couple of Everywhere Indie sales coming up: children’s poetry, and genre- blending mystical mystery:


Starting April 21st

The Calling by Amber Foxxcallingebooknew

The first Mae Martin Psychic Mystery

Obeying her mother’s warning, Mae Martin-Ridley has spent years hiding her gift of “the sight.” When concern for a missing hunter compels her to use it again, her peaceful life in a small Southern town begins to fall apart. New friends push her to explore her unusual talents, but as she does, she discovers the shadow side of her visions— access to secrets she could regret uncovering.

Gift or curse? When an extraordinary ability intrudes on an ordinary life, nothing can be the same again.

The Mae Martin Series

No murder, just mystery. Every life hides a secret, and love is the deepest mystery of all.

Sales links:

$1.99 through April 30


Starting April 22nd:

Mr. Pumpkin-Head and Other Poems by Tori ZiglerZiglerPumpkin Cover 3 - 1600x2400

A collection of poems – many with a hint of humor – about nature, magic, emotions, and the world around us.

Sale price: $1.20 (70% off)

Coupon code: QC34R (valid from April 22nd 2015 to May 1st 2015).

Sales link:

Look for a guest post from Tori later this week on one of her charming stories for children.

For a chance to win The Calling and other books in paperback, go to