Instructions for Authors

If you are not yet listed and would like to be, please follow the directions below.

Send the following to

For up to four books per genre and up to four short story singles:

  1. Provide a cover picture with your last name and book title on that file so I can save it easily as related to the correct book without having to rename it. Mine, for example, might be FoxxtheCalling.
  2. Look at a book listing to see how I have it organized. Then, in a Word document titled by your name, last name first, send all of the following as an attachment—all one document in Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
  • the title and the blurb (please do not include the word “blurb.”)
  • With the heading Sales links: all the direct sales links to the non-Amazon e-book retailers. Since this site is a resource for people who don’t have Kindles, no Amazon Kindle links are needed. This isn’t an anti-Amazon thing, so if your paperback is on Amazon, of course, list that in the next step.
  • If you have a paperback available, give the sales links.
  • with the heading Reviews: the link to this book’s reviews on Goodreads:
  • and any other review sites you would like to include
  • with the heading Author’s web site: a link to your blog and/or web site
  • With the heading Genre: The genre and sub-genres that best fit your book

I will not post your e-mail addresses but I would like you to include it on the end of your document. Also, at the bottom of your document, let me know if you’d be interested in doing a guest post.

Any author going into KDP Select should immediately let me know to de-list their book. If you cycle in and out KDP Select, please don’t ask me to keep taking books down and putting them back up. That’s not the mission of this project. I’m listing authors who are committed to being widely available for all readers all the time.

If you are having a sale or offering a book for free on any of the e-pub e-book retailers, send me neatly formatted text ready to post, error free, Times New Roman 12 pt., with no editing required, as an attachment in Word. Send it at least four days in advance of the event. Include genre, title, blurb, sale price, dates and duration of sale and sales links. No pictures and no extra ad verbiage. Any information sent to me that doesn’t follow these directions may be ignored.

Thanks for participating!


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