Books by Genre: Stories and Poems for Children

Tori Zigler


Kero Goes Walkies (Kero’s World, #1)ZiglerKero Goes Walkies Cover 2 - 1600x2400


If there’s one thing Kero loves more than going for a walk, then it

has to be going for a walk that takes him to more than one place.

Today his walk will take him both to the park and to the beach. What

will he find there? Who will he see? And what will a little dog like

him think of it all?


The “Kero’s World” stories are all about the adventures of a West

Highland White Terrier named Kero; read his stories, and see the world

from the point of view of a little white dog.


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Genre(s): Children’s Books – Animals – Pets & Domestic Animals – Dogs



Toby’s New World (Toby’s Tales, #1)ZiglerToby's New World Cover 1 - 1600x2400


Toby has just learned he’ll never see again. Now he’s learning just

how frustrating it can be doing even simple things when you’re blind.

And it doesn’t help when his big brother Jake, and little sister Emma

laugh at him when things don’t go right. But there’s always a way to

make things easier… Isn’t there?


This is the first book in the “Toby’s Tales” series.

The “Toby’s Tales” books are designed to show children – and adults

too – the struggles and challenges faced by people who are blind, or

who are adjusting to sight loss, while also being useful tools to

educate those close to someone who is blind or adjusting to sight


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Genre(s): Children’s Books – Social Issues/Special Needs


Jinx and The Faerie DragonsZiglerJinx And The Faerie Dragons Cover 1 - 1600x2400


Jinx’s little sister, Ayla, has warned him time and time again that

one day his mischief making will get him in to serious trouble. But

Jinx isn’t interested in his sister’s warnings; not even when the

trouble she warns him about is a cave full of goblins.


Like most pixies, Jinx loves to play tricks and explore. But, unlike

most pixies, Jinx takes his tricks too far on a regular basis, causing

chaos and taking risks that no other pixie would even consider, much

to the amusement of his faerie dragon friends, Caia and Draco, and the

annoyance of just about everyone else; especially Ayla. Now Jinx and

his faerie dragon friends are off on a treasure hunt, and not even the

threat of being captured and eaten by goblins is enough to stop them

answering the call of adventure.

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Genre(s): Readers/Chapter Books – Fairy Tales & Fables/Fantasy


Mr.Pumpkin-Head and Other PoemsZiglerPumpkin Cover 3 - 1600x2400


A collection of poems – many with a hint of humour – about nature,

magic, emotions, and the world around us.

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Genre: Poetry

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