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R.F.G. Cameron

Regeneration Series Pleasure Machines, Soulless Killers, or People? The ‘simple’ line between what we consider either machine or life form can be blurred when our eyes can’t tell the difference.  When the machine is more human than its original creators the line between machine and life form can vanish.  In a world where corporations are considered ‘artificial entities’ with more rights than human beings, who decides where to draw the line between pleasure machine, soulless killer, and person?

Regeneration: Gina’s Journey Cameron regeneration

In a world where security had become paramount over freedom she was designed to be a soulless killer, but an eccentric man with vision started her on a very different path which would lead either to her becoming human or to her death.  Would placing herself in harm’s way to protect a willful child be her salvation or destruction?

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Regeneration: Capturing Shadows cameron shadows

In a world where security had become paramount over freedom … twin sisters woke up without the knowledge of who they were and it wasn’t long before they had to wonder not only who they were but what they were, pleasure machines turned deadly or people.  Would those who hunted them ultimately prove to be their salvation or damnation?

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Mono-Earth Series

Mono-Earth: The War of the Egg (To Be Released ~May 2015)mono-earth thumbnail

Animals, Monsters, or People? The ‘simple’ line between our reality when awake and our nightmares when asleep can be very thin.  In our fiction we are the innocent victims of monsters intent upon taking everything from us, including our lives.  In a world where corporations and governments work together to find ‘new frontiers’ to strip for a profit, who decides if a creature from another world is an animal, a monster, or a person?  What happens when ‘we’ are the monsters another species has very good reason to fear?

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Genre / Sub-genre: Sci-Fi, Erotic Romance (some sex but not much), Action

** Some Graphic Language **


Shanna Lauffey

Time ShiftersLauffeyTimeShifters

An ancient people who can move through time or space… A secret that never should have been revealed… One day in a Los Angeles restaurant, Akalya of the Harekaiian witnesses the capture of several of her people and is the only one to get away. Now it is up to her to rescue the captives and learn how… and why… they are being apprehended. The key lies in discovering who is behind the hunt for her people, when no one should have known they existed.

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Children of the MorningLauffeyChildrenOfTheMorning

The Time Shifters are in danger. Someone wants what they have and are willing to kill if necessary to get it. Akalya couldn’t hide in the past forever. The time has come to untangle the threads of a conspiracy so sinister that her very life hangs in the balance, as well as the lives of all of her kind. Compelled by her promise to help Marcus, the half-breed, to learn to control his abilities, Akalya is conflicted by the need to go underground to elude the rich entrepreneur who continues to seek out others of her kind that even Akalya doesn’t know about, and the mysterious researcher working behind the scenes who already came too close to dissecting her best friend. Akalya cannot leave, but she cannot stay. Most of all she must see that no more of her kind breed mutants like Marcus, who could become a danger to them all.

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Marcus, the half-breed Time Shifter, accomplished a time shift under crisis and discovered that the skills of his birthright were possible, yet the ability to shift at will was still elusive to him. Akalya, the Harekai Time Shifter whom he had been sent to capture, escaped into exile with him and there, in a small town in northern Idaho, they began to work together to discover the extent of Marcus’ abilities and to learn how to break through the barrier that had limited his inborn skills all of his life. Hiding in an obscure small northern town brings a new form of trouble, and Kallie and Marcus may soon learn that their secret location isn’t so secret after all.

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Coming May 2015

Plausible Deniability

Kallie and Marcus come out of hiding a year after the last encounter with their pursuers. A teenage time shifter in an unlikely place convinces them that their exile is not as secure as it seems and new information begins to fall into place. Julia’s role in the kidnappings is revealed and at when Kallie shifts back in time to arrange funds for their newest hideout, she accidentally stumbles upon the real identity of Mason.

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Science Fiction – time travel


Jennifer Povey


 A ship has vanished in the dark, in the very outer reaches of Earth’s solar system. Alien invaders sweep through the void, destroying outposts and threatening humanity. The truth is known only to a few: We fired first. We fired on aliens whose very appearance and body language sent all humans into a flying rage. All but a few. Now an autistic savant from Mars and an alien diplomat seek peace…while some on both sides desire only war. Suza McRae and Haniyar must bridge the gap between their species, or risk a war that will destroy everything and everyone in its path.

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Genre: Science fiction – first contact.


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