Books by Genre: Fantasy

Lenita Sheridan


Guardian of the GauntletSheridan ggcover one

When sisters, Princesses Camari and Mila, meet Prince Denir, they soon find he has a special gauntlet. This gauntlet only works if one has faith in a higher power. Using this gauntlet, Denir turns Camari invisible. When he is called off to war, Camari is left in the predicament of being invisible. She must learn not only how to turn herself visible again, but how to outwit two wicked characters.

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Guardian of the Gauntlet, Book IISheridan Guardian-of-the-Gauntlet-Book-II

After Camari receives a note attached to a bird from the Gnomes of Nurrocon, she realizes she must enlist Isryk’s aid. They are about to voyage across the ocean to help the gnomes retrieve crystals from the Magnite Sea which is guarded by a monster named the Great Vanthor. What follows is a quest full of pitfalls and perils. How they achieve this quest with the aid of the gauntlet is what this book is all about.

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Genre: fantasy, sub genre inspirational.  Middle grade to young adult.


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