Reading Cheaply or #Free and Getting Through


If you can’t afford books right now and don’t do Kindle Unlimited, Scribd is an option for people who read e-pub e-books. They offer a free one month introduction. All my books are in Scribd. (But not Kindle Unlimited—an author can’t do both because of Amazon’s exclusivity requirement for KU, and I am committed to keeping my books widely available.) If you don’t read on an Apple, Kobo, or Nook device, you can install Adobe Digital Editions on a computer to read e-pub e-books. You can also borrow e-books from many public libraries.

This link will take you to all e-book retail sites for my books, including Scribd.


If you like to get e-books from a preferred retailer,  The Calling is free everywhere through April 23, and the other books in the Mae Martin Psychic Mystery series are now $2.99. The boxed set of the first three books is only $4.99. Small Awakenings, a collection of essays on mindfulness, is 99 cents. When the free promotion for book one is over, the price will be also be discounted. Discounts will last as long as the economic disruption of the pandemic lasts.

Getting Through

I hope you stay well. I’m coping by reading, writing, and socializing six feet apart outdoors. Walking and running are free. So are squats and pushups and home yoga practice. I’ve been calling friends and family I can’t travel to visit, reminding myself that for now, distancing is love and respect. We’ll get through this.



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