Spend Your Gift Card on Indies

Years ago, my faculty/staff yoga class at the college where I teach gave me a huge Barnes and Noble gift card as thanks. Sad to say, I spent it on traditionally published e-books, books my book club had chosen, which were priced at over ten dollars.  Only one of them is a book I will ever read again. I could have–had I discovered indie books back then–enjoyed three times as many reads for my money, and gotten those traditionally published books from the library. If I get a gift card now, I go for indies.

You’ll find some of my favorite indies among the books reviewed on this site. Browse the archives, browse the categories, and spend away. There are sales links right on the category pages, no hunting to see if a book is on B&N or Kobo. If you find it here, it is!

And yes, I’m having a #sale through January 10th on all books in my Mae Martin Psychic Mystery Series, two of which earned B.R.A.G. Medallions. A dollar off an indie price–it’s like buying three to get one free. https://amberfoxxmysteries.wordpress.com/buy-books-retail-links

And if you think about good quality indie books’ prices, and equally good “trad pub” books’ prices, it’s kind of like a three for the price of one sale all the time





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