#Read the #Free Books!

I’ve promoted a few free and ninety-nine cent books here, and I’ve provided a couple of workouts you can do while reading an e-book. Chances are, if you downloaded some free books and bought some 99 cent books, you read the ones you paid for (perhaps while you did those workouts) and the free ones are still languishing in your e-reader. Free books get downloaded far more often, but they may not get read as much.

Still, the marketing gurus tell indie authors to have something free to offer potential readers as a risk-free sample of their work. If the freebie is good, you’ll be glad you tried it and want more.

Need some reasons to read the freebies?

  • There might be an offer for another free book in the end matter.
  • Most free books are either series prequels or the first book in a series. Discovering a new series that you enjoy gives you a reliable, go-to author you can count on for years to come.
  • If you don’t like it after a few chapters, you can delete it and make room for something else. It was risk-free. No big deal.
  • You might forget why you downloaded it if you wait too long!
  • It’s a gift you haven’t unwrapped yet. Aren’t you just a little bit curious?

The e-book workouts:



Some free and bargain books:




2 thoughts on “#Read the #Free Books!

  1. I’ve actually been making a point to read some of the books I’ve had waiting to be read for some time recently, and many of them are the ones I picked up for free. I mean, I’m reading a load of newer ones, and ones I paid for, as well. But I’ve been making sure that at least a portion of the books I’m reading each month are ones I grabbed for free; especially those I grabbed when I first got a Kindle and was excited by the availability of loads of free books. I’ve also made a point of at least doing Goodreads reviews for them, if nothing else.


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