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Everything listed on this site is a bargain, of course, indie prices being what they are, but these are a few of the super-bargains.

 99 cents:

Chains of Prophecy by Jason Crawford

Sales links: https://everywhereindies.wordpress.com/books-by-genre-urban-fantasy

Reprobate by Martyn v. Halm

Sales links: https://everywhereindies.wordpress.com/suspense-and-thriller

Time Shifters by Shanna Lauffey

sales links: https://everywhereindies.wordpress.com/books-by-genre-science-fiction/


The Outlaw Women by Amber Foxx

Fundamental Error by Martyn v. Halm

both can be found on: https://everywhereindies.wordpress.com/short-story-singles-and-collections

and one of the books I just reviewed, Lost Cause by J.L. Simpson

download links: https://everywhereindies.wordpress.com/books-by-genre-mystery


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